27 March2013

Santiago is in Brazil and is hopefully going to be on the call this evening. He attended the TelexFREE Extravaganza in Brazil and will give us updates! There are so many people making great income because they have more contracts in the company. The more contracts you purchase the more income you can make and control your financial road map. The power is in your hands. The Company has proven for over a year if you advertise we will continue to pay you! Randy cut the call short but acknowledged the leaders by name from all over the world who were online using the meeting site. Stay tuned tonight for further updates!!! In addition: It’s an Impressive and phenomenal time to be a part of TelexFREE with the recent addition and release of TelexCOMMERCE last night in Brazil. Growth in the company continues to break records. News from Brazil Event will be available on the 8:00PM EST call tonight. YOU WANT TO BE ON THIS CALL. A vote was cast on the call: May 4th or May 11th are the scheduled dates as a “Super Saturday” in Orlando, Florida. May 11th was the winner with 70% of the vote. We now have several services which we can market to the world. Shop at your favorite stores in Brazil. And you can earn income from that. As TelexFREE was launched in Brazil and reached it’s way to 63 countries. The same will happen with TelexCOMMERCE. The service and software is not perfect. But there is constant improvement and there is infrastructure in place to anticipate the larger worldwide growth. ID numbers for invoices are sequential which can be a determinant of activity and volume. Look at yours and see what sort of growth has happened since you enrolled. Weekly meetings are beginning in Atlanta, Georgia and you should consider doing the same in your town or city. This is a situation where everyone wins. Period. The only thing that separates you from someone else inTelexFREE is your application of time and effort. Plant your seeds and get going! 25March2013 Randy Crosby: Hosting. International growth continues to surge. In January of 2013, nobody knew about TelexFREE , now look where we’re at! The groundwork for anticipated multi-year growth continues. Tomorrow’s launch for TelexCOMMERECE is on pace. What is most exciting about TelexCOMMERCE, is that you as a Promoter, you will be able to capture commissions/income from purchases made in these retail outlets. Enrollment continue to break industry records. The Alexa ranking for TelexFREE is very high. Because of the growth, the server capacity is at a maximum. The system is not able to handle all of the intricate populations of each Promoter’s commissions. If you don’t see daily commissions populating, you will see it populate in a “batch” manner, like once a week. The point is, be patient everyone. The new server upgrades need some adjustments and some programming adaptations. They are working very hard to complete all of this. Growth is happening with TelexFREE because everyone is paid on a weekly basis. Focus on Customer acquisition. You can be your own Customer if you need to be. We are Customer focused business. Here, with the TelexFREE , for the first time, you don’t have to be worried about hearing the word “No”. Whether someone says “Yes” or “No” you still make weekly money. We are breaking ground. This is brand new in the United States. This isn’t a “if it will work” “it is working”. The growth is anticipated to be so large, they had to contract with a whole new server system! More exciting updates are coming from Corporate. People are using and wearing the TelexFREE t-shirts, yard signs, and calling cards with great success! Get your t-shirt at: Steve & Santiago indicate that each server is handling different groups of Promoters. We could all be in different servers, even though we are in the same group. That is why there are delays of commission population in our back office. They’re aware of the concerns we have. The will likely put a note on the website, and they will make sure that accounts get caught up and that people will get paid. If you think you’re happy now, wait until tomorrow when the surge of customer purchases begin with TelexCOMMERCE. They’ll be opening and owning their own offices in Brazil and Boston, instead of leasing space, because of the growth and the capitalization of the company. 10March2013 Tickets for the TelexCOMMERCE Event unveiling in Brazil next week with President of Google, Brazil sold-out in minutes. Lots of buzz in the Brazilian news about TelexFREE. Remember: this is not an Investment. Cloud server upgrade is happening. Most accounts should be back to “normal” by Monday. If yours isn’t don’t panic, let us know, and we’ll get it looked at again. This is an opportunity where people make money whether you sell the service to the public, invite someone to the business, or not. You place your daily ad, you will get paid! The TelexCOMMERCE site launches on Tuesday, March 26th. The 99TelexFREE service allows us to communicate cellphone to cellphone to over 40 countries. Using the software and the VOIP technology on your computer allows you to communicate with people all over the world. TelexFREE is a Media Company that pays you to advertise. TelexFREE now has promoters in 63 countries! TelexFREE is breaking records with customer sign-ups! Get started for $50 to be placed in the binary. Timing is crucial. $50 is non-earning position. No monthly fees. But Once you upgrade in TelexFREE for $289 or $1375 you now have access to the commission structure and make a whole lot of money! 99% of people joining TelexFREE – upgrade. Upgrade for $289 dollars. 98% of yearly contracts are being renewed in Brazil.

29March2013: The Brazil Judicial Court DEMANDED that the Ministry of Finance STOP All Negative Publications about TelexFREE! VICTORY!

Telexfree Brazil legal

From TELEXFREE: —————- The TELEXFREE in suit for damages against the Ministry of Finance, which is obtained favorable decision, determining that this Ministry immediately remove from your website the note on the activities of TELEXFREE. This success is worth sharing with everyone. IMPORTANT: We have been authorized by our law to disclose the decision. “Ilmo. Mr. Carlos Costa, Follow annexed duty judicial decision rendered in federal court in the District. You may disclose the decision, since as his lawyers were already enjoined the same. ” Advisers, it is also important to mention that other measures are being adopted to prove definitely the legality of our activities in Brazil. Sincerely, TelexFREE. === NOTE OF CLARIFICATION TelexFREE/YMPACTUS COMERCIAL LTDA, renders this NOTE OF CLARIFICATION on the activities of the Secretary of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance (SEAE/MF) on TelexFREE regarding the following points: 1. It was confirmed that the TelexFREE does not advance and capture, by such reason is not obligated to obtain the authorization of the Secretary; 2. TelexFREE does not practice the sale of goods or services, due to this typical local trade activities are not required; the delivery of VoIP service and management of accounts is performed directly by TelexFREE in the United States to consumers anywhere they are over the Internet; in other words, jurisdiction falls in the country where the VoIP services are provisioned; 3. As the realization of services is carried out in the United States via internet access, users/individuals who purchase accounts also require their own ISP (Internet Service Provider); In addition, these Carrier connections, are those of the ISP who provides the service, to connect to the TelexFREE VoIP platform in the United States; 4. There is no encouragement of informal economy, since the income that a promoter gets is reported directly to the Internal Revenue Service as individual income, and so is taxed, with withholding tax and due payment, according to the Ministry of Finance’s own table; the activities that the Promoter carries out turn only for packages that are purchased for resell, in this way, to accept the general terms of the contract, the Promoter is fully aware of performance and how much they will receive; 5. The values of the price increases are in the exact proportion of the services that the promoter carries out, cannot be configured as excessive since the General Regulation lays down the percentages whose value is already built into the total cost of VoIP accounts offered. Best Regards, TELEXFREE/YMPACTUS COMERCIAL LTDA ===

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